Cancer Co-Survivorship Book

More than a story of cancer co-survivorship

After learning that his thirty-year-old wife has an aggressive form of breast cancer, Ben DuMont must take on a challenging new role as a husband and as a father to two toddlers. Grappling with his own doubts and fears, DuMont experiences a spiritual transformation that compels him to do something beyond simply supporting and caring for his family.

During Bridget’s eighteen-month cancer treatment, DuMont comes to view their situation not as a burden, but a blessing. He meets a kindred spirit, hosts a “ta-ta to your ta-tas” party, and endures an epic bike ride across the state of Missouri that puts his own life in jeopardy. In this heartfelt, captivatingly detailed memoir, DuMont recounts his unforgettable journey of self- and spiritual discovery.

A Pathway to Peace is more than a story of cancer co-survivorship. It is an indelible tribute to the power of love and determination, and a testament to the impact of faith, family, and friends in overcoming adversity.

More than a story about cancer co-survivorshipBen DuMont was honored as the 2013 Susan G. Komen National Co-Survivor of the Year for helping his wife Bridget through her breast cancer and for making a lasting impact on others. The couple started a charity that funds breast cancer research and helps families struggling with cancer. DuMont resides in St. Louis with Bridget and their two boys.