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If I had to write A Pathway to Peace all over, I’d surely include this connection Bridget made with another breast cancer survivor, Heather Hampton Koelling, who has shown us all what it means to be ‘women and men for others.’ Thank you, Heather, for your selfless spirit. Clearly love is far greater than us all, but something we are capable of…

Facebook post by Bridget DuMont (Aug. 19, 2015)

Ben and I frequently say Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 11.59.29 AMthat going through my cancer diagnosis/treatment was by far one of the worst experiences of our lives but at the same time changed our lives so much for the better in how we live each day. It is funny how so much good can come from something so terrible, yet it truly does. Today when I got home from school and got the mail I saw yet another example of that good by opening a huge envelope from an amazing lady who I have never met in person, only spoke to/messaged with, Heather Hampton Koelling! Although she is still not finished with all of her surgeries and barely finished treatment for breast cancer herself, she mailed an envelope full of gift cards for Bridget’s Brigade to help other women going through treatment. Instead of gifts for her recent 40th birthday she collected these gift cards to help others! Talk about an inspiration, it brought tears to my eyes when I opened it and am simply amazed and her selflessness when I know she is still enduring so much herself! Thank you Heather for reminding me how much good there truly is in the world!!!!



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